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New ACER Aspire E5-421, Aspire E15 laptop computer battery

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New ACER Aspire E5-421, Aspire E15 laptop computer battery
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Product ID: 1003967
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 11.1 V
Capacity: 5200 mAh
Color: black
Dimension: mm
Property: replacement [?]
Condition: New, 12 months warranty
This ACER laptop battery can also replace the following part numbers:
AL14A32 AK.006BT.099  
This ACER laptop battery is also compatible with the following models:
Aspire E5-572G-50FFAspire E5572G50FFAspire E5-572G-52DX
Aspire E5572G52DXAspire E5-572G-591HAspire E5572G591H
Aspire E5-572G-528RAspire E5572G528RAspire E5-572G-550P
Aspire E5572G550PAspire E5-572G-57DWAspire E5572G57DW
Aspire E5-572G-536WAspire E5572G536WAspire E5-471G-39TH
Aspire E5471G39THAspire E5-471G-58JPAspire E5471G58JP
Aspire E5-471G-514NAspire E5471G514NAspire E5-471G-50R4
Aspire E5471G50R4Aspire E5-471G-5496Aspire E5471G5496
Aspire E5-471G-59VNAspire E5471G59VNAspire E5-471G-53XX
Aspire E5471G53XXAspire E5-471G-57MGAspire E5471G57MG
Aspire E5-471G-52G2Aspire E5471G52G2Aspire E5-471G-540E
Aspire E5471G540EAspire E5-471G-54DAAspire E5471G54DA
Aspire E5-471G-55T4Aspire E5471G55T4Aspire E5-471G-58HR
Aspire E5471G58HRAspire E5-471G-56HPAspire E5471G56HP
Aspire E5-471G-59ALAspire E5471G59ALAspire E5-471G-54NN
Aspire E5471G54NNAspire E5-471G-596WAspire E5471G596W
Aspire E5-471G-51SPAspire E5471G51SPE5-471G
E5471GAspire E5-551G-816KAspire E5551G816K
Aspire E5-551G-F29RAspire E5551GF29RAspire E5-551G-T87N
Aspire E5551GT87NAspire E5-551GAspire E5551G
Aspire E5-551G-T4TLAspire E5551GT4TLAspire E5-551G-F1EW
Aspire E5551GF1EWAspire E15-511Aspire E15511
Aspire E5-571G-70BTAspire E5571G70BTAspire E5-572G
Aspire E5572GAspire E15 TouchAspire E15
Aspire E14 TouchAspire E14Aspire E5-421
Aspire E5421Aspire E5-572G-593YAspire E5572G593Y
Aspire E5-722-2611Aspire E57222611Aspire E5-572G-58HZ
Aspire E5572G58HZAspire E5-572G-57MXAspire E5572G57MX
Aspire E5-572G-57VZAspire E5572G57VZAspire E5-572G-5161
Aspire E5572G5161Aspire E5-572G-53PWAspire E5572G53PW
Aspire E5-572G-5257Aspire E5572G5257Aspire E5-572G-54Z5
Aspire E5572G54Z5Aspire E5-572G-59DKAspire E5572G59DK
Aspire E5-572G-574HAspire E5572G574HAspire E5-572G-58PP
Aspire E5572G58PPAspire E5-572G-77SGAspire E5572G77SG
Aspire E5-572G-73Y0Aspire E5572G73Y0Aspire E5-572G-74YY
Aspire E5572G74YYAspire E5-572G-750WAspire E5572G750W
Aspire E5-572G-74CDAspire E5572G74CDAspire E5-411
Aspire E5411Aspire E5-411-P137Aspire E5411P137
Aspire E5-421GAspire E5421GAspire E5-47
Aspire E547Aspire E5-471GAspire E5471G
Aspire E5-471PGAspire E5471PGAspire E5-511
Aspire E5511Aspire E5-511GAspire E5511G
Aspire E5-511PAspire E5511PAspire E5-521
Aspire E5521Aspire E5-521GAspire E5521G
Aspire E5-531Aspire E5531Aspire E5-551
Aspire E5551Aspire E5-571Aspire E5571
Aspire E5-571GAspire E5571GAspire E5-571P
Aspire E5571PAspire E5-571PGAspire E5571PG
Aspire E5-572Aspire E5572 
Aspire E5-571G-74JGAspire E5571G74JGAspire E5-472G-56DZ
Aspire E5472G56DZAspire E5-571G-38QUAspire E5571G38QU
Aspire E5-551G-T09SAspire E5551GT09SAspire E5-571G-72F6
Aspire E5571G72F6Aspire E5-572G-50DYAspire E5572G50DY
Aspire E5-471G-582PAspire E5471G582PAspire E5-571G-6873
Aspire E5571G6873Aspire E5-551G-F7FZAspire E5551GF7FZ
E5-572G-50FBE5572G50FBAspire E5-572G-57RK
Aspire E5572G57RKAspire E5-572G-59XTAspire E5572G59XT
Aspire E5-572G-71FVAspire E5572G71FVAspire E5-572G-737L
Aspire E5572G737LAspire E5-572G-78FDAspire E5572G78FD
Aspire E5-572G-78HYAspire E5572G78HYAspire E5-571-31HM
Aspire E557131HMAspire E5-571-31KMAspire E557131KM
Aspire E5-571-32FUAspire E557132FUAspire E5-571-32NU
Aspire E557132NUAspire E5-571-32Z1Aspire E557132Z1
Aspire E5-571-33PRAspire E557133PRAspire E5-571-33SS
Aspire E557133SSAspire E5-571-347AAspire E5571347A
Aspire E5-571-36CLAspire E557136CLAspire E5-571-36W9
Aspire E557136W9Aspire E5-571-37GMAspire E557137GM
Aspire E5-571-37SYAspire E557137SYAspire E5-571-382B
Aspire E5571382BAspire E5-571-38NJAspire E557138NJ
Aspire E5-571-38NNAspire E557138NNAspire E5-571-3929
Aspire E55713929Aspire E5-571-397TAspire E5571397T
Aspire E5-571-39ENAspire E557139ENAspire E5-571-39VD
Aspire E557139VDAspire E5-571-50DZAspire E557150DZ
Aspire E5-571-50GWAspire E557150GWAspire E5-571-52VX
Aspire E557152VXAspire E5-571-53KBAspire E557153KB
Aspire E5-571-546CAspire E5571546CAspire E5-571-5552
Aspire E55715552Aspire E5-571-55Y8Aspire E557155Y8
Aspire E5-571-56UQAspire E557156UQAspire E5-571-56Y0
Aspire E557156Y0Aspire E5-571-56YCAspire E557156YC
Aspire E5-571-57RPAspire E557157RPAspire E5-571-5930
Aspire E55715930Aspire E5-571-611PAspire E5571611P
Aspire E5-571G-30A8Aspire E5571G30A8Aspire E5-571G-3188
Aspire E5571G3188Aspire E5-571G-31N9Aspire E5571G31N9
Aspire E5-571G-35AYAspire E5571G35AYAspire E5-571G-377G
Aspire E5571G377GAspire E5-571G-38VFAspire E5571G38VF
Aspire E5-571G-50K9Aspire E5571G50K9Aspire E5-571G-50R8
Aspire E5571G50R8Aspire E5-571G-50V1Aspire E5571G50V1
Aspire E5-571G-514WAspire E5571G514WAspire E5-571G-51TH
Aspire E5571G51THAspire E5-571G-520XAspire E5571G520X
Aspire E5-571G-522KAspire E5571G522KAspire E5-571G-52T3
Aspire E5571G52T3Aspire E5-571G-52WZAspire E5571G52WZ
Aspire E5-571G-5364Aspire E5571G5364Aspire E5-571G-536E
Aspire E5571G536EAspire E5-571G-539FAspire E5571G539F
Aspire E5-571G-53GCAspire E5571G53GCAspire E5-571G-542J
Aspire E5571G542JAspire E5-571G-544EAspire E5571G544E
Aspire E5-571G-565WAspire E5571G565WAspire E5-571G-56DS
Aspire E5571G56DSAspire E5-571G-575YAspire E5571G575Y
Aspire E5-571G-578EAspire E5571G578EAspire E5-571G-58F1
Aspire E5571G58F1Aspire E5-571G-58N5Aspire E5571G58N5
Aspire E5-571G-59CTAspire E5571G59CTAspire E5-571G-59EJ
Aspire E5571G59EJAspire E5-571G-59N4Aspire E5571G59N4
Aspire E5-571G-60PMAspire E5571G60PMAspire E5-571G-611H
Aspire E5571G611HAspire E5-571G-61PDAspire E5571G61PD
Aspire E5-571G-63CGAspire E5571G63CGAspire E5-571G-6685
Aspire E5571G6685Aspire E5-571G-70DBAspire E5571G70DB
Aspire E5-571G-70W2Aspire E5571G70W2Aspire E5-571G-717X
Aspire E5571G717XAspire E5-571G-71VRAspire E5571G71VR
Aspire E5-571G-72LCAspire E5571G72LCAspire E5-571G-737A
Aspire E5571G737AAspire E5-571G-75LJAspire E5571G75LJ
Aspire E5-571G-75SCAspire E5571G75SCAspire E5-571G-77K8
Aspire E5571G77K8Aspire E5-571G-795AAspire E5571G795A
Aspire E5-571G-79JKAspire E5571G79JKAspire E5-571P-302Z
Aspire E5571P302ZAspire E5-571P-31LTAspire E5571P31LT
Aspire E5-571P-3789Aspire E5571P3789Aspire E5-571P-39NU
Aspire E5571P39NUAspire E5-571P-52QKAspire E5571P52QK
Aspire E5-571P-57E0Aspire E5571P57E0Aspire E5-571P-64U3
Aspire E5571P64U3Aspire E5-571PG-50D3Aspire E5571PG50D3
Aspire E5-571PG-524HAspire E5571PG524HAspire E5-571PG-52PS
Aspire E5571PG52PSAspire E5-571PG-542LAspire E5571PG542L
Aspire E5-571PG-562VAspire E5571PG562VAspire E5-571PG-5848
Aspire E5571PG5848Aspire E5-571PG-63XXAspire E5571PG63XX
Aspire E5-571PG-78S7Aspire E5571PG78S7Aspire E5-411-26R8
Aspire E541126R8Aspire E5-411-C1Y4Aspire E5411C1Y4
Aspire E5-411-C23MAspire E5411C23MAspire E5-411-C2BE
Aspire E5411C2BEAspire E5-411-C2VLAspire E5411C2VL
Aspire E5-411-C3SQAspire E5411C3SQAspire E5-411-C43Hb
Aspire E5411C43HbAspire E5-411-C568Aspire E5411C568
Aspire E5-411-C6LQAspire E5411C6LQAspire E5-411-C84X
Aspire E5411C84XAspire E5-411-C941Aspire E5411C941
Aspire E5-411-C941KAspire E5411C941KAspire E5-411-P32N
Aspire E5411P32NAspire E5-411GAspire E5411G
Aspire E5-411G-P2ZDAspire E5411GP2ZDAspire E5-411G-P717
Aspire E5411GP717Aspire E5-421-234GAspire E5421234G
Aspire E5-421-8155Aspire E54218155Aspire E5-421G-42W1
Aspire E5421G42W1Aspire E5-421G-45L0Aspire E5421G45L0
Aspire E5-471Aspire E5471Aspire E5-471P
Aspire E5471PAspire E5-472GAspire E5472G
Aspire E5-471G-54WQAspire E5471G54WQ 
Aspire V3-572G-5247Aspire V3572G5247Aspire V3-572G-59TB
Aspire V3572G59TBAspire V3-472Aspire V3472
Aspire V3-472-57M0Aspire V347257M0Aspire V3-472G
Aspire V3472GAspire V3-472PAspire V3472P
Aspire V3-472P-324JAspire V3472P324JAspire V3-472PG
Aspire V3472PGAspire V3-572Aspire V3572
Aspire V3-572-5217Aspire V35725217Aspire V3-572-78S3
Aspire V357278S3Aspire V3-572GAspire V3572G
Aspire V3-572G-54L9Aspire V3572G54L9Aspire V3-572G-587W
Aspire V3572G587WAspire V3-572G-7609Aspire V3572G7609
Aspire V3-572PAspire V3572PAspire V3-572P-36H1
Aspire V3572P36H1Aspire V3-572P-51BAAspire V3572P51BA
Aspire V3-572P-540VAspire V3572P540VAspire V3-572PG
Aspire V3572PGAspire V3-572PG-50X5Aspire V3572PG50X5
Aspire V3-572PG-767JAspire V3572PG767JAspire V3-572G-51MR
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Product Name: New ACER Aspire E5-421, Aspire E15 laptop computer battery New ACER Aspire E5-421, Aspire E15 laptop computer battery
Image: New ACER Aspire E5-421, Aspire E15 laptop computer battery New ACER Aspire E5-421, Aspire E15 laptop computer battery
Part No.: AL14A32,AK.006BT.099 AL14A32
Color: black black
Voltage: 11.1V 11.1V
Capacity: 5200mAh 5000mAh
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We are manufacturer/supplier of battery,ACER AL14A32 ACER Aspire E14 ACER Aspire E15 battery,charger and orther electronic products, wholesale and retail our products by internet! If you are interested in our products, please email to us

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ACER Batteries Maintenance and Use Instructions

  1. A new ACER Batteries usually comes in a discharged condition with a very low capacity. It is highly recommended to fully charge new battery packs before use. Refer to the users' guide of your electronic device for charging instructions.
  2. A new ACER Batteries pack needs to be circled (fully discharged and recharged) three to five times to reach its optimum performance.
  3. New computer battery will undergo self-discharging when left unused for a long period of time. Thus, it should always be stored in a fully charged state and kept in a cool, dry and clean place.
  4. To maintain the optimum performance of a battery, it is highly recommended to circle (fully discharging and recharging) it at least once a month.
  5. It is normal if a new ACER Batteries gets warm when being charged or used. However, close attention should be paid if the computer battery becomes excessively hot. This may indicate there is a problem with the charging circuit of the electronic device. So, it is necessary to have it checked by a qualified technician.
  6. New ACER Batteries are hard to be charged. Sometimes, your electronic device may indicate a fully charged condition about 10 to 15 minutes when the new battery pack is being charged for the first time. When this happens, remove the battery pack and let it cool down for about 10 to 15 minutes then repeat the charging procedure. Sometimes, a new ACER Batteries will suddenly refuse to be charged. If this happens, it is then suggested to remove the new battery from the device and reinsert it.


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