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Buy discount adapter for TOSHIBA ADP-180HB B laptop ac adapters

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New discount adapter for TOSHIBA ADP-180HB B laptop ac adapters from battery-store.org
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Product ID: 1061125
Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: DC 9.5A
Power: 180W
Connector: Special interface
Property: original [?]
Condition: New, 12 months warranty
This TOSHIBA ADP-180HB B laptop ac adapters can also replace the below part numbers:
PA3546E-1AC3 PA3546E1AC3 PA-1181-02
PA118102 ADP-180HB BADP180HBB

This TOSHIBA ADP-180HB B laptop ac adapters is also compatible with the below models:
Qosmio X500-03LQosmio X50003LQosmio X500-04N
Qosmio X50004NQosmio X500-058Qosmio X500058
Qosmio X500-067Qosmio X500067Qosmio X500-06C
Qosmio X50006CQosmio X500-10QQosmio X50010Q
Qosmio X500-10TQosmio X50010TQosmio X500-10V
Qosmio X50010VQosmio X500-10WQosmio X50010W
Qosmio X500-10XQosmio X50010XQosmio X500-116
Qosmio X500116Qosmio X500-11DQosmio X50011D
Qosmio X500-11MQosmio X50011MQosmio X500-11Q
Qosmio X50011QQosmio X500-122Qosmio X500122
Qosmio X500-125Qosmio X500125Qosmio X500-128
Qosmio X500128Qosmio X500-12DQosmio X50012D
Qosmio X500-12FQosmio X50012FQosmio X500-12N
Qosmio X50012NQosmio X500-134Qosmio X500134
Qosmio X500-13RQosmio X50013RQosmio X500-140
Qosmio X500140Qosmio X500-148Qosmio X500148
Qosmio X500-149Qosmio X500149Qosmio X500-14C
Qosmio X50014CQosmio X500-14DQosmio X50014D
Qosmio X500-14WQosmio X50014WQosmio X500-167
Qosmio X500167Qosmio X500-Q840SQosmio X500Q840S
Qosmio X500-Q930XQosmio X500Q930XQosmio X300 series
Qosmio X300-11SQosmio X30011SQosmio X300-11W
Qosmio X30011WQosmio X300-12HQosmio X30012H
Qosmio X300-13WQosmio X30013WQosmio X300-148
Qosmio X300148Qosmio X300-14UQosmio X30014U
Qosmio X300-15TQosmio X30015TQosmio X300-15U
Qosmio X30015UQosmio X300-16CQosmio X30016C
Qosmio X300-16DQosmio X30016D 

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