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New HP 709986-001, 710413-001 laptop ac adapters

  Laptop AC Adapters products are specifically designed for each Laptop AC Adapters brand and model.We only sell and wholesale high quality new HP adapter products, each Laptop AC Adapters is new, Full 1 year warranty for all adapter. You will enjoy your purchase here!
New HP 709986-001, 710413-001 laptop ac adapters
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Product ID: 1061242
Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: 19.5V
Output Current: DC 4.62A
Power: 90W
Connector: 4.5mm*3.0mm
Property: original [?]
Condition: New, 12 months warranty
This HP laptop ac adapters can also replace the following part numbers:
PA-1900-34HE PA190034HE 710413-001
710413001 A090A08DL 709986-001
709986001 PPPO14L-SA PPPO14LSA
710414-001 710414001 709987-001
709987001 709987-002 709987002
HSTNNCA13 709986-002 709986002
PPP012C-S PPP012CS A090A07DL
PPP012D-S PPP012DS 608428-003
608428003 709985-001 709985001
709985-003 709985003 709985-004
709985004 709986-003 709986003
709986-004 709986004 709987-003
709987003 714159-001 714159001
This HP laptop ac adapters is also compatible with the following models:
Envy 17-j000Envy 17j000Envy 17-j034ca
Envy 17j034caEnvy 17-j070caEnvy 17j070ca
Envy 17-j170caEnvy 17j170caEnvy 17-j073ca
Envy 17j073caEnvy 17-j013clEnvy 17j013cl
Envy 17-j023clEnvy 17j023clEnvy 17-j027cl
Envy 17j027clEnvy 17-j043clEnvy 17j043cl
Envy 17-j082egEnvy 17j082egEnvy 17-j051ei
Envy 17j051eiEnvy 17-j098EFEnvy 17j098EF
Envy 17-j010ELEnvy 17j010ELEnvy 17-j070ez
Envy 17j070ezEnvy 17-j005eoEnvy 17j005eo
Envy 17-j008eoEnvy 17j008eoEnvy 17-j011nr
Envy 17j011nrEnvy 17-j021nrEnvy 17j021nr
Envy 17-j029nrEnvy 17j029nrEnvy 17-j040nr
Envy 17j040nrEnvy 17-j041nrEnvy 17j041nr
Envy 17-j092nrEnvy 17j092nrEnvy 17-j099nr
Envy 17j099nrEnvy 17-j150nrEnvy 17j150nr
Envy 17-j160nrEnvy 17j160nrEnvy 17-j057OL
Envy 17j057OLEnvy 17-j011SAEnvy 17j011SA
Envy 17-j011SPEnvy 17j011SPEnvy 17-j010us
Envy 17j010usEnvy 17-j020usEnvy 17j020us
Envy 17-j030usEnvy 17j030usEnvy 17-j040us
Envy 17j040usEnvy 17-j050usEnvy 17j050us
Envy 17-j060usEnvy 17j060usEnvy 17-j120us
Envy 17j120usEnvy 17-j130usEnvy 17j130us
Envy 17t-j000Envy 17tj000Envy TouchSmart 17-j000
Envy TouchSmart 17j000Envy TouchSmart 17-j010dxEnvy TouchSmart 17j010dx
Envy TouchSmart 17-j078caEnvy TouchSmart 17j078caEnvy TouchSmart 17-j023cl
Envy TouchSmart 17j023clEnvy TouchSmart 17-j030usEnvy TouchSmart 17j030us
Envy TouchSmart 17-j037clEnvy TouchSmart 17j037clEnvy TouchSmart 17-j043cl
Envy TouchSmart 17j043clPavilion m4-1000Pavilion m41000
Pavilion m4-1001txPavilion m41001txPavilion m4-1002tx
Pavilion m41002txPavilion m4-1003txPavilion m41003tx
Pavilion m4-1004txPavilion m41004txPavilion m4-1005tx
Pavilion m41005txPavilion m4-1006txPavilion m41006tx
Pavilion m4-1007txPavilion m41007txPavilion m4-1008tx
Pavilion m41008txPavilion m4-1009txPavilion m41009tx
Pavilion m4-1010txPavilion m41010txPavilion m4-1011tx
Pavilion m41011txPavilion m4-1012txPavilion m41012tx
Pavilion m4-1014txPavilion m41014txPavilion m4-1015tx
Pavilion m41015txPavilion m4-1016txPavilion m41016tx
Pavilion m4-1018txPavilion m41018txPavilion m4-1019tx
Pavilion m41019txPavilion 15-e029TXPavilion 15e029TX
Pavilion 15-e027TXPavilion 15e027TXPavilion 15-e028TX
Pavilion 15e028TXPavilion 14-e034TXPavilion 14e034TX
Pavilion 14-e024TXPavilion 14e024TXPavilion 14-e021TX
Pavilion 14e021TXPavilion 14-e023TXPavilion 14e023TX
Pavilion 14-e022TXPavilion 14e022TXPavilion 14-e044TX
Pavilion 14e044TXPavilion 14-e035TXPavilion 14e035TX
Pavilion 14-e051TXPavilion 14e051TXPavilion 14-e048TX
Pavilion 14e048TXPavilion 14-e050TXPavilion 14e050TX
Pavilion 14-e049TXPavilion 14e049TXPavilion 14-e031TX
Pavilion 14e031TXPavilion 14-e032TXPavilion 14e032TX
Pavilion 14-e028TXPavilion 14e028TXPavilion 14-e033TX
Pavilion 14e033TXPavilion 14-e043TXPavilion 14e043TX
Pavilion 15-AU095TXPavilion 15AU095TX 

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