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New TOSHIBA Satellite P100-ST7111, Satellite A45 Series laptop ac adapters

  Laptop AC Adapters products are specifically designed for each Laptop AC Adapters brand and model.We only sell and wholesale high quality new TOSHIBA adapter products, each Laptop AC Adapters is new, Full 1 year warranty for all adapter. You will enjoy your purchase here!
New TOSHIBA Satellite P100-ST7111, Satellite A45 Series laptop ac adapters
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Product ID: 1061055
Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: 15V
Output Current: DC 8A
Power: 120W
Property: replacement [?]
Condition: New, 18 months warranty
This TOSHIBA laptop ac adapters can also replace the following part numbers:
PA3237U-3ACA PA3237U3ACA PA3237U-1ACA
PA3237U1ACA PA3237U-2ACA PA3237U2ACA
PA3507U-1ACA PA3507U1ACA  
This TOSHIBA laptop ac adapters is also compatible with the following models:
Qosmio G15 SeriesQosmio G15-AV501Qosmio G15AV501
Qosmio G25 SeriesQosmio G25-AV513Qosmio G25AV513
Satellite A20 SeriesSatellite A20-04DSatellite A2004D
Satellite A20-31QSatellite A2031QSatellite A20-S103
Satellite A20S103Satellite A20-S103DSatellite A20S103D
Satellite A20-S207Satellite A20S207Satellite A20-S208
Satellite A20S208Satellite A20-S259Satellite A20S259
Satellite A20-S2591Satellite A20S2591Satellite A20-SP259
Satellite A20SP259Satellite A20-SP279Satellite A20SP279
Satellite A25 SeriesSatellite A25-S207Satellite A25S207
Satellite A25-S208Satellite A25S208Satellite A25-S279
Satellite A25S279Satellite A25-S2791Satellite A25S2791
Satellite A25-S2792Satellite A25S2792Satellite A25-S307
Satellite A25S307Satellite A25-S3072Satellite A25S3072
Satellite A25-S308Satellite A25S308Satellite A25-SP259
Satellite A25SP259Satellite A40 SeriesSatellite A40-S150
Satellite A40S150Satellite A40-S161Satellite A40S161
Satellite A40-S1611Satellite A40S1611Satellite A40-S200
Satellite A40S200Satellite A40-S2001Satellite A40S2001
Satellite A40-S270Satellite A40S270Satellite A40-S2701
Satellite A40S2701Satellite A40-SP150Satellite A40SP150
Satellite A40-SP151Satellite A40SP151Satellite A40-SP270
Satellite A40SP270Satellite A45 SeriesSatellite A45-S120
Satellite A45S120Satellite A45-S1201Satellite A45S1201
Satellite A45-S1202Satellite A45S1202Satellite A45-S121
Satellite A45S121Satellite A45-S1211Satellite A45S1211
Satellite A45-S130Satellite A45S130Satellite A45-S1301
Satellite A45S1301Satellite A45-S150Satellite A45S150
Satellite A45-S1501Satellite A45S1501Satellite A45-S151
Satellite A45S151Satellite A45-S1511Satellite A45S1511
Satellite A45-S250Satellite A45S250Satellite A45-S2501
Satellite A45S2501Satellite A45-S2502Satellite A45S2502
Satellite A45-S2701Satellite A45S2701Qosmio G35 Series
Qosmio G35-AV600Qosmio G35AV600Qosmio G35-AV650
Qosmio G35AV650Qosmio G35-AV660Qosmio G35AV660
Qosmio G45-AV680Qosmio G45AV680Qosmio G45-AV690
Qosmio G45AV690Satellite P100-ST7111Satellite P100ST7111
Satellite P100-ST9012Satellite P100ST9012Satellite P100-ST9212
Satellite P100ST9212Satellite P100-ST9412Satellite P100ST9412
Satellite P100-ST9612Satellite P100ST9612Satellite P100-ST9712
Satellite P100ST9712Satellite P100-ST9732Satellite P100ST9732
Satellite P100-ST9742Satellite P100ST9742Satellite P100-ST9752
Satellite P100ST9752Satellite P100-ST9762Satellite P100ST9762
Satellite P100-ST9772Satellite P100ST9772Satellite P100-T9732
Satellite P100T9732Satellite P105-S921Satellite P105S921
Satellite P105-S9312Satellite P105S9312Satellite P105-S9337
Satellite P105S9337Satellite P105-S9339Satellite P105S9339
Satellite P105-S9722Satellite P105S9722 

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