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New TOSHIBA Tecra 8200, Satellite 2805 laptop ac adapters

  Laptop AC Adapters products are specifically designed for each Laptop AC Adapters brand and model.We only sell and wholesale high quality new TOSHIBA adapter products, each Laptop AC Adapters is new, Full 1 year warranty for all adapter. You will enjoy your purchase here!
New TOSHIBA Tecra 8200, Satellite 2805 laptop ac adapters
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Product ID: 1061028
Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: 15V
Output Current: DC 4A
Power: 60W
Connector: 6.3mm*3.0mm Barrel Tip
Property: replacement [?]
Condition: New, 18 months warranty
This TOSHIBA laptop ac adapters can also replace the following part numbers:
PA3282U-2ACA PA3282U2ACA PA2444U
PA3048U-1ACA PA3048U1ACA PA3282U-1ACA
This TOSHIBA laptop ac adapters is also compatible with the following models:
Satellite 2250Satellite 2250CDTSatellite 2250XCDS
Satellite 1800-S203Satellite 1800S203Satellite 1800-S253
Satellite 1800S253Satellite 1805-S203Satellite 1805S203
Satellite 1805-S253Satellite 1805S253Satellite 1805-S273
Satellite 1805S273Satellite 2800 SeriesSatellite 2800-100
Satellite 2800100Satellite 2800-200Satellite 2800200
Satellite 2800-400Satellite 2800400Satellite 2800-500
Satellite 2800500Satellite 2800-600Satellite 2800600
Satellite 2800-S201Satellite 2800S201Satellite 2800-S202
Satellite 2800S202Satellite 2805Satellite 2805-S201
Satellite 2805S201Satellite 2805-S202Satellite 2805S202
Satellite 2805-S301Satellite 2805S301Satellite 2805-S302
Satellite 2805S302Satellite 2805-S401Satellite 2805S401
Satellite 2805-S402Satellite 2805S402Satellite 2805-S503
Satellite 2805S503Tecra 750CDMTecra 750CDT
Tecra 750DVDTecra 780CDMTecra 780DVD
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Portege R500124Portege R500-126Portege R500126
Portege R500-127Portege R500127Portege R500-12H
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